Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Senate Bill on Home Improvement Voted on March 17 or 18

Maryland home-owners have banded together after being defrauded by a licensed home-improvement contractor. Now, they are using their experiences to try to pass legislation to protect other home-owners who embark on home-improvement projects. MCRC has been working with this group since last June. MCRC and the home-owners group are calling for:
  • stronger consumer disclosures in home-improvement contracts
  • listing complaints and actions against home-improvement contractors on the Maryland Home Improvement Commission's website
  • requiring contractors who take on home improvement projects above $25K to purchase a performance bond (currently home-owners are protected by the Maryland Guaranty Fund up to $20K)
The Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs (EHE) Committee is scheduled to vote on the bill this Thursday or Friday. Call or email senators on the committee and ask them to protect home-owners by passing SB 236 with MCRC's amendments.

Senators on EHE include:
  • Joan Carter Conway, Chair joan.carter.conway@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3145
  • Roy Dyson, Vice Chair roy.dyson@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3673
  • Joanne Benson, joanne.benson@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3148
  • Bill Ferguson bill.ferguson@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3600
  • J.B. Jennings jb.jennings@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3706
  • Karen Montgomery karen.montgomery@senate.state.md.us karen.montgomery@senate.state.md.us
  • Paul Pinsky paul.pinsky@senate.state.md.us, 410-841-3155
  • Edward Reilly edward.reilly@senate.state.md.us, 410-841-3568
  • James Rosapepe jim.rosapepe@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3141
  • Bryan Simonaire bryan.simonaire@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3658
  • Ronald Young ronald.young@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3575
The Howard County Office of Consumer Affairs, the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection, the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's Office are also supportive of these amendments.

Check out our YouTube channel to hear some of the home-owners stories. http://www.youtube.com/user/MDConsumerRights


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