Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Foreclosure Victory in Maryland

Civil Justice and the University of Maryland's Consumer Protection Law Clinic teamed up to get at least 1000 bogus foreclosures dismissed in Maryland. The case Geesing v. Matthews had been initiated by GMAC against the home-owner. Kevin Matthews, the home-owner, filed a motion to dismiss the case.

The affidavit to foreclose was signed by GMAC employee Jeffrey Stephans who admitted under oath that he signed up to 10,000 affidavits per month without personal knowledge of their contents, and did not appear in front of the notaries who had allegedly witnessed his signature. The affidavits are a mandatory prerequisite to initiating a foreclosure action in Maryland. Consequently, approximately 1000 foreclosures are in the process of being dismissed.

Civil Justice is an organizational member of MCRC. Phillip Robinson, Civil Justice's Executive Director sits on MCRC's board of directors. Peter Holland is a member of MCRC and a supporter of last year's annual meeting.

Kevin Matthews, who won his case with CJ and University of Maryland's assistance is featured in MCRC's forthcoming film about consumer issues in Maryland.

Congratulations to all involved in this case!


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