Monday, May 17, 2010

Consumers fighting to be heard? A grassroots organization? (Have you no sense of decency?)

Here's a post from a payday lender's blog. It's touting the "Consumer Rights Coalition," which it calls a "grassroots organization" fighting for consumers' right to take out payday loans. (Hey, who wouldn't fight for 600% interest rates!?) The kicker is that this is anything but a grassroots organization; it's a lobbying effort funded by the payday loan industry.

With anti-payday loan legislation either already on the books or being proposed in many U.S. States, the Consumer Rights Coalition is helping hardworking Americans protect their right to reliable credit options. ...

Now with more state legislatures – including Maryland and Arizona - proposing payday loan bans of their own, some consumers are standing up and telling lawmakers that they don’t want to lose one of their last remaining credit options. One grassroots organization that is helping these customers be heard is the Consumer Rights Coalition.
Read about this outrageous group and its claims in this article.


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