Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Repo Madness - webinar, April 15

An estimated 1.9 million cars were repossessed in 2009. The vast majority of these were “self-help” repossessions done under state laws that allow automobile dealers and lenders to take cars without court action or the involvement of law enforcement. Many of these cars were vital to the economic success of the families from whom they were taken.

Perhaps not surprisingly, dozens of consumers, repossession agents and bystanders have been killed, injured or traumatized. Recent years have also seen rapid increases in the use of new technologies as part of repossessions, such as license plate scanners and electronic repossession devices. These new technologies raise issues such as privacy and safety concerns.

This webinar will examine the dangers of self-help repossession, and engage consumer advocates, privacy advocates and industry insiders in a discussion of the problems and potential solutions.

Speakers include:

- Leah Plunkett, The National Consumer Law Center Inc.
- Jay Stanley, Director of Public Education for the ACLU's Technology and Liberty Program
- Joseph S. Taylor, Vice President of Recovery Industry Services Company
- John W. Van Alst, The National Consumer Law Center Inc.


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